Crowdfunding advisor, campaign strategist, teacher, author and presenter.

Specialising in Crowdfunding and Digital Marketing.

Anthony Lovell de Souza

My Aim is to:

teach project creators how to run successful crowdfunding campaigns.

My objectives are to help you:

  • Understand what crowdfunding is all about
  • Learn about the different types of crowdfunding
  • Review successful crowdfunding campaigns
  • Follow a crowdfunding launch plan sequence
  • Know the important tools needed to run a campaign

I do this by:

  • Running half/whole day crowdfunding workshops all across the UK
  • Delivering regular 4 week online crowdfunding workshops with webinars and supported material in a private membership area
  • Publishing regular ‘how to‘ articles on crowdfunding tools and resources via the Crowdfunding Playbook app and blog
  • Producing and editing articles from crowdfunding experts from around the world for the Crowdfunding Focus Magazine app
  • Delivering crowdfunding talks all around the country to business organisations, charities and startups
  • Being interviewed on the topic of crowdfunding by numerous radio stations and podcasters
  • Offering one on one crowdfunding consultation sessions concentrating on campaign strategy and tools


Anthony Lovell de Souza

Anthony has helped hundreds of project creators understand what crowdfunding is all about and how best to run a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Anthony has delivered over 80 crowdfunding workshops and talks during the last 4 years all across the UK. He is also editor of the Crowdfunding Focus Magazine, founder of the Crowdfunding Playbook (Toolbox) and the Crowdfunding Mastery Academy.

His background is in digital marketing where he has assisted over 800 business go online and expand their presence online.



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