Create your own YouTube channel

Los Zarzales

Why you should have a YouTube channel:

•  if people can watch a video vs reading an article – they will watch

•  video is portable and pervasive (can be seen on most devices connected to the internet)

•  can be visual, fun, informative and entertaining at the same time

•  videos today are very easy to take, make, edit and upload to your YouTube Channel

•  your chosen video keywords/tags are included in a huge searchable database

•  new online editing and enhancement features now included in your YouTube account

•  insights – a traffic analysis program providing vital information on your video views

• allow people to follow your channel activities and be kept updated of new videos

• upload videos from your phone

• encourage public interaction via comments

• share your activities with others via FaceBook, Twitter etc by connecting accounts

• allow friends to send messages or share videos

• earn income by activating advertising settings

• receive YouTube updates from other channels you subscribe to

• customize your own Channel home page to fit your image and branding

• YouTube is the largest online video hosting website in the world – something must be right!

I will never forget hearing from Mike Filsame one day. He said all you need to do is consistently create one video a day, for a year, and watch the traffic come. Well we did just that. And look what happened.

Our videos form the centre piece of our websites home page. This makes for great viewing content and can be changed as often as we like.

Setup your YouTube Channel today.  Visit: