Create your own mobile app

Creating your own mobile application

Mobile apps are becoming increasingly important and should be considered by any business or expert who needs to engage with their customer base online.

These mobile apps are primarily for small to medium sized businesses but can be created by individuals as well for their personal use.

One of two online app builders will be used. These will be accessed via an internet connection and a browser.

The course does not require any programming skills as you use an online app builder to create your app but assumes a decent working knowledge of using computers, file management and the internet.

The course will cover:

Understand how you should structure your app | Build and test your app using an online app builder | Understand Apple and Google guidelines for submitting your app to the app stores | How to publish the app to the Apple App and Google Play store (options and costs will be explained during the course) | How to market and promote your app once it is published in the app stores

Course requirements:

You will be able to use one of the desktop computers onsite or you can bring along your own laptop with a suitable browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, FireFox), and connect to the Wi-Fi. A smartphone will also be needed to test the functionality of your app. An iPhone, iPad, iPod or Android smartphone is therefore a prerequisite. You will then be able to download the previewer app to test your app.

There is no cost to using the app builder and creating your own app during the course.

After the course, should you like what you have created and want to publish your app, you will then have to sign up as a developer with both Apple and Google and pay a developer fee together with a monthly hosting fee to the app builder. These options will be explained during the course and are not expensive.

Course details:

Venue: Marlborough Business Hub, Marlborough, Wiltshire
Course times: 09.30 to 13.30
Course cost: £80

8 October 2015


Cost: £40

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Course tutor, Anthony Lovell de Souza, has helped more than 700 small to medium sized businesses gain and expand their presence online. He has also had years of national fundraising and teaching experience and currently runs his own online digital marketing agency and consultancy.Bens davall restaurant in Mallorca