Crush It!

Son Prim Wine Estate
What a great book! What a success story! What passion!

How many of us really turn to our passions (online) and ‘crush it’?

A first generation Russian Jew living in the USA has made it big with his passion for wine and later for online business. He has cracked open the system (doing business successfully online that we all need to understand) and has put it all back together in a simple way making it easy for us to understand and follow.

What a character! He openly admits that his wild style puts many people off. After doing some research he found that up to 15% of his potential client base did not like the way he did things. He realized however that if he toned things down to suit them (to include them) that he would see his current business slide into oblivion.

So what was he to do?

Nothing. He remained on track, he did not change who he was, he decided that he was more authentic doing what he loved best in the style he was most comfortable with in delivering his message. Consequently he has become a hit not only in his own country but all over the world.

Follow this man now. He has succeeded admirably online after having put in his 10 000 hours into becoming what I consider to be one of the best online successes in recent Internet history.

His name :  Gary Vaynerchuk
His website:

You will not regret it.