Going local with Internet marketing strategies

Tast Mallorca
What frustrates you most about doing business on the internet?

This was a question I asked someone who has been using the internet to drive their business for the last six years.

She said ‘Working with my offline clients’

Everything I see via the emails in my inbox is a strong push towards going local i.e. working with local businesses that require an online presence or marketing initiative.

However are those internet marketing gurus really aware of what it is like to arrange an online promotion strategy on behalf of local business.

This is a situation we (my wife and I) can relate to intimately. We started an online business eight years ago and worked with over 500 local businesses, creating online profiles with text, video and photos and then used various internet marketing strategies and tools to market and promote them.

It is not just a case of promoting them online – skills that many of us have already. You need to have much more than that and one skill in particular that many of us do not care to cultivate.

That skill is called ‘selling’

Eight years ago neither of us had the inclination nor the desire to learn how to sell. Selling is not a skill many of us would like to acquire but acquire it we did. It took around 8 months to figure out how to sell to the locals. Starting at zero (having never sold before in our lives) we persevered and eventually developed the relationships that are necessary to make a sale.

In the case of going local you also need to move around and go to meetings. Each day was filled with a travel routine that would burn out at least one car and leave our new car with many dents for the panel beater to repair.

Today selling is second nature to us.

So before you become excited that going local with your internet business is the answer consider the fact that in order to succeed you need to be able to sell as well, face to face that is.

One observation – we did not know the first thing about selling but today it has become part of us and requires no effort at all.

If we can so can you – albeit with a large dose of perseverance and persistence.