On becoming a thought leader

St Erth CornwallEvery few years on the Internet we get an opportunity to reach new markets so that we can make a difference to the lives of others.

At one point it was all email then came the blog followed by video, social media, social networks and others.

Now it is the turn of the digital magazine.

Magazines now appear on the different newsstand such as Apple iTunes, Google Play store and Amazon. So why the sudden surge in online magazines?

There are currently more than 180 million blogs out there on the internet. I do not even want to count the number of videos there are or even the number of emails sent on a daily basis.

What does this all mean. Well, it means that all these communication channels are vying for our attention. Starting a blog now for example will be quite a challenge. How do you get to stand out from the other 180 million + blogs out there?

In essence you don’t stand a good chance at all.

However there is now a new opportunity. Over 100 million tablets have now been sold around the world. Just imagine how great it is to read a magazine on a tablet. Online magazines are now more than just a magazine. Online magazines are now interactive. We are now able to watch video from right inside the magazine. We can click on links which take us through to websites for more information. We can make in app purchases. We can now even sign up for newsletters, take surveys, get support and much more.

And what is remarkable about all of this is that these magazines can also be read on all types and sizes of mobile devices, not only tablets. So where does that leave you and your magazine. It means that your publication can live in the pocket of every smartphone user and available at a touch of a button.

So lets add that up. More than 300 million tablets and one billion smartphones can now gain access to the different Newsstands around the world.

There are currently 6000 magazines in the Apple Newsstand. That sounds so much better than having to stand out from 180 million blogs out there.

So where are you going to place your message? If you wanted to dominate a market and stand out as the thought/knowledge/topic leader in a particular market, the Newsstand is where I would want to be. You can lead by launching your own online interactive digital magazine.

The window for this opportunity will be over by the end of 2014. There has never been such a good time to start an online business as there is today.