On being remarkable!

Cala Mesquida MallorcaBeing safe is now too risky.

Just how far are you prepared to push the envelope? How many of us continually do the same thing over and over and expect a different result.

Do you hang out with remarkable people? Do you even have remarkable people in your current circle of influence?

Certainly in the world of Online Marketing things are changing by the minute. Through my flipboard app on the iPad I check in regularly to TechCrunch. They certainly lead the field when it comes to providing great journalism, breaking new ground many times a day.

Not only does this keep me abreast of the latest changes in the Online Marketing space but provides me with ideas on how people are thinking.

Tech Crunch caters to the early adopters. It is your early adopters that are essential to your success in the internet space. There are many niche markets that remain unserved around the world today and if you remain vigilant by keeping close to the early adopters then you will at one point find the sweet spot that you can work with.

The sweet spot does not arrive out of the blue. It does actually require that you take on the task of trying things out until you find the right product or service.

What you need to do is look at those who operate on the edge, those way out people, those way out things they do that at first may make you uncomfortable.

So doing the same thing over and over eventually results in a mediocre offering, something that eventually becomes very boring and certainly no longer effective. That is certainly not what you want to become.

I find that at an absolute minimum you have to reinvent yourself every three years on the internet, failing that you are history.

The person that can help you by providing inspiration is the world famous marketer Seth Godin. His book ‘The Purple Cow’ is outstanding.

Read the many case studies in his book of successful businesses who were prepared to take on the risky business of finding out what their clients wanted and then worked out a way of creating them a product or a service and then monetizing it.

To your success…….