Online Marketing and Training

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Online Marketing and Training.

All businesses today need to be online.

Each day that passes being online becomes more complex.

Yet … with each new strategy comes a new online tool …..

Now that excites me.

To be on the leading edge of sometime new where we can make a difference, makes all the difference.

Two ways of getting attention online.

You either pay your way


You use your time to create content.

Yes it is as really as simple as that. All of us can now make a difference and the best way to do that is to create content using your own expertise and time. By adding money to the equation, you will give your online experience a boost.

Creating content (and repurposing it) must be the easiest and most rewarding way of taking control of your online success today, whether this be for yourself (to position yourself as an expert) or for your business.

Own your online success

To own your own online success you need to personally take control and immerse yourself in ALL the following concepts.

Video Marketing
Email Marketing
Audio (podcasting)
Mobile apps
Social Media
Mobile Marketing
Insights and analytics

and (tools)

Shopping Carts
Payment Gateways

and (legal)

intellectual property
data protection

and (offline)


You can of course pay someone to do some of it for you. For starters it will serve you well to go through everything at least once before handing certain functions over to someone else.

To help gain an understanding of how all of this works you will find thousands upon thousands of software programs, tools and people to help you. You will also come across many online business systems to help you on your way.

But heres the kicker. You do not have to do everything mentioned above all at once. Some tools and strategies will be more important than others but the important thing is to start somewhere and take it from there.

I have spent more than ten years using all of the above strategies and hundreds of online tools. I know how daunting, costly and time consuming this process can be.

Find yourself a mentor and cultivate a group of like minded people to start or enhance your ideas while helping them in turn.

Follow people who have been successful at what they do. It will take time even if you have someone to help you along the way but the rewards can be highly satisfactory.

To your success.