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La Gran Tortuga

Blogging for a living.

This is more than possible, blogging for living. It does depend on one thing however, your passion for the subject matter you …

Son Prim Wine Estate

Crush It!

What a great book! What a success story! What passion! How many of us really turn to our passions (online) and ‘crush …

Mirador de la Victoria

FourSquare for your business

One mobile application that is gaining a lot of attention is FourSquare. I would describe it as a geo satellite positioning tool …

Son Tomas Restaurant

Do Joint Ventures work?

Fundamentally for many this may sound like common sense but essentially joint ventures are being done all the time by many companies …

Antonio Restaurant

Attending live events.

One of those aha moments came to me the other day when I was reading one of Joel Comm’s books. He mentions …