Why are Joint ventures so important.

Son Bascos
This one fact astounded me the other day. There are over 40 million small to medium sized businesses in the US and 40 million English speaking businesses world wide AND they do not have a clue about doing joint ventures!

So according to business maestro Jay Abraham we all have a ‘pretty good market if you are going to do joint ventures’ with or for others.

Joint ventures as a technique and strategy is a facinating concept. Identifying unused potential and bringing together a plan of action that will release benefit for all concerned is a brilliant way forward. There is in my mind an unlimited number of potential joint venture opportunities all around the world in all sorts of circumstances. They exist right there in front of us every waking moment of the day. The trick is to be able to see the opportunities all around you and then do something with them.

Well if the majority of us do not have a clue of how to do joint ventures just where do we start? What resources are available to us out there and just exactly why should we do a joint venture. This post is the first of many that will look inside the world of joint ventures, strategic alliances, partnerships, dealmaking and sources of funding. Just why are they so important and how can we use them to our best advantage.