Crowdfunding Specialist

I have delivered over 200 crowdfunding workshops in the UK and online across the world.

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Anthony de Souza

Anthony de Souza

Most crowdfunding campaigns fail to reach their target.

My work allows me to help with all the success factors you need to have in place BEFORE you go crowdfunding.

Over the years I have assisted hundreds of project creators with their crowdfunding campaigns.

Below you will find links to lots of crowdfunding resources.

Crowdfunding Huddle Zone

On Thursday 15th October 2020 I will be  formally launching the Crowdfunding Playbook 'Huddle' Community.

Visit the Huddle Zone now and view the latest news, tutorials, campaigns, case studies, announcements etc.

It is free to join and once you sign up you can start asking questions and contributing to the community straight away.

Crowdfunding Academy

The Crowdfunding Mastery Academy will be a monthly membership with 'live' training together with videos, audios, pdf's etc on all aspects of how to run a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Check out the tools and resources I already have for you today ahead of a formal launch later this year.

Crowdfunding Playbook

This playbook is a curated directory of the top tools and resources that have been used by past crowdfunders to launch and manage their campaigns.

The crowdfunding directory has 35 different categories covering everything from case studies to crowd building tools.

Crowdfunding Launch Lab

The crowdfunding Launch Lab is a six week online coaching course for individuals or groups.

I have now delivered 16 online 'Launch Lab' group coaching sessions to 80+ crowdfunders from all around the world.

Aimed at start-ups, existing businesses and non-profits.

Book your 'Launch Lab' course today

Crowdfunding Resources

Here you will find crowdfunding strategies, group coaching, tools and resources you can use to help you run a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Check out the Resource section to get started immediately. The PDF guides are particularly helpful!

Crowdfunding Focus

The Crowdfunding Focus Podcast will be formally launched soon. Here I will be interviewing past campaigners and crowdfunding experts on how to run and launch a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Listen to a few podcast episodes in the meantime before we formally launch.

Essential Crowdfunding Resources

This is a 31 page PDF detailing essential tools and resources to help you run a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Download NOW!
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