The Secret to Crowdfunding

The Secret to Crowdfunding

The Secret to Crowdfunding is in the Name.

You need a crowd in order to go crowdfunding.

Sounds basic but this is the main reason why crowdfunding campaigns fail. The lack of an engaged crowd of willing backers.

In fact, well over 70% of rewards based crowdfunding campaigns do not make it. Many people come to me and say why is no one backing my crowdfunding campaign.

One main reason is that people expect the crowdfunding website where they have setup their campaign...

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Three Key Crowdfunding Considerations

crowdfunding Jan 20, 2020

Success Factors

Never a day goes by when someone contacts me AFTER launching a crowdfunding campaign asking why no one is backing their campaign.

More often or not they have missed all of the following critical success factors. 

You need a crowd

Project creators are worried because they suddenly realise that not enough preparation has gone into planning their campaign before launching.

For many the first realisation, believe it or not, is finding out that they actually need a crowd...

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Cash in on Crowdfunding

crowdfunding Jan 13, 2020

You might ask ….

´Well what is Crowdfunding?´

Most times when I mention the word ´Crowdfunding´ I no longer get a blank look and it has now become a household term. It is now in regular and growing use around the world.

You can of course gather some information from the two words themselves. 'Crowd' as in lots of people and 'Funding' as in lots of money. You can rightfully surmise that it is all about obtaining money from the crowds. And if you think that...

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5 reasons why you should crowdfund your idea

crowdfunding Jan 08, 2020


  • is an old idea given new life with the rise of the internet
  • does not replace any existing funding avenue currently open to you
  • is a choice and can compliment your existing fundraising strategy
  • has worked extremely well for businesses, start-ups and the non profit sector
  • has now eclipsed venture capital
  • close to being a $100 billion industry globally

Reason 1

There is no limit to the amount you can raise. If your idea is inspiring any number of people can back you with...

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